5 Effective Tips to Avoid Cybercrime

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Cybercrime is the nightmare of the century. As a fastest-growing types of crime to the world, they are increasing in both size and sophistication. That also means businesses, governments, and organization becomes a high-priced object for the ever-evolving cybercriminals. So how about we look at the numbers?

According to report by Bromium and McGuire, cybercrime created more than $1.5 trillion in profits in the year 2018 alone. It’s not surprising by looking at another statistic from Identity Theft Resource Center that shows the acts of cybercrime cost the global economy close to half a trillion dollars a year. Therefore, you should know how to protect yourself and the company or organization you become part of. Here we summed up 5 effective ways on how to avoid cybercrime the best you can.


  1. Keep Everything Up to Date

It sounds like a simple thought, but it actually the basic thing any company may forget. You can learn from a 2017 case when the Equifax credit bureau that exposed the financial information of almost every American. The issue behind it boiled down to someone leaving out-of-date software running. Looking at it, it’s important to keep your software and operating systems update. You can turn on automatic updates, as well as installing software that will scan system for viruses and malware.


  1. Protect with Strong Password

You need to make a complex password in order to have strong protection. The strong one usually consists of at least 10 letters, numbers, and symbols. You can start with a favourite sentence, and then just using the first letter of each word. Then combines it with numbers, punctuation, or symbols. However, make sure the length is good enough too. After that, don’t ever repeat the password on different sites and change it regularly, like those that come with your Wi-Fi router.


  1. Using Multi-Factor Authentication

A key to protect you API (Application Programming Interface) is making sure you know the user and whoever has access to it. Credential stuffing becomes the most common problem every enterprise may have, to which hackers use database of stolen emails and passwords to attack APIs with thousands of bogus requests. Therefore, in this situation, you’re not only required to provide strong password, but also to type in a separate code from an app, text message or email message when you try to log in.

The strategy may not be perfect and come across as handful, but it will take a hard work for hacker to break into your account because of it. If you have the option, you can enable muti-factor authentication now, especially for logins like bank account, credit card, or any financial matter. You may also consider using the more advanced level of protection, such as a physical digital key that connects to your computer or smartphone.


  1. Make Sure You Have A Back Up

The fourth way of keeping your data from harm is using encryption and having a backup. You need to encrypt the data in your computer and smartphone, such as store it also in a DVD, flash drive, or hard disk, then keep it by yourself or your trusted confidant. There are double benefits come with this way. First, if your computer is infected by a virus or temporarily unusable, those files are still available for you. Second, the major topic of this article, prevent cybercrime. Hacker tries to copy your files will get the gibberish data, rather than the more important, such as address book or financial records. The act can involve installing software or changing system settings.


  1. Be Knowledgeable

It’s important to keep being informed because it will be useful for you the most. For example, someday when you’re in the threatening position, you can prevent it goes even further. You will not be panic and act fast. If you become a victim, encounter illegal internet content, or suspect a cybercrime, identity theft, commercial scam, report it to your local police. Your report will be valuable to allow authorities help you in investigation and help to thwart criminals from taking advantage of other people in the future. Talk regularly with a trustable service provide or a certified computer technician to help the maintenance or gathering information.


It’s probable to not have a 100% security, but you need to keep doing some efforts to prevent cybercrime. The more advanced cybercriminals nowadays, the more advanced the steps you must take. Those 5 tips above will make it less likely for you to become a victim. Besides of it, they will help to raise an awareness of cyber hygiene for your communities. Cybercrime is wild, but efforts never betray a successful protection.







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