5 Reasons Why Cyber Security Degrees are Worth It

5 Reasons Why Cyber Security Degrees are Worth It

The concern about cyber security is real with the fast development of cybercrime. Many giant companies like Marriott International, T-Mobile, Yahoo, and even Google have ever been in the front page of the newspaper or website due to getting attacked by cyber criminals. Therefore, the world is in crucial need of adequate people with cyber security degree who can fight cybercrime. However, is cyber security degree worth it for the individual besides of doing a noble job of protecting cyber security? Yes, and we will tell you the 5 reasons why.

1. Cyber Security Jobs are in Great Demand
When you want to have your degree from university, you may think first about the availability of the job vacancy. You will want to spend your time and money in the right place so you will not get a dead-end in the finish line. Cyber security jobs are the kind of job you want to consider with its big opportunity. According to Cybersecurity Ventures prediction, there will be 3.5 million unfilled cybersecurity positions by 2021. That means we need more professionals in the field of cyber security consultancy.

2. It Has Good Money Too
If you have a realistic point of view about life, you will go after jobs with high salaries. That reason is strong and personal enough for people to choose cyber security degree. The severe shortage of skilled professional makes the cyber security degree becomes a luxury. A report from (ISC)2 says the shortage is approximately 2.93 million qualified cyber security professionals globally. Therefore, the higher your degree, the easier you will find position as cyber security professionals, and it means the salary will be received properly. For example, in the U.S. $94,716 is the average annual salary for cyber security jobs, which is higher than IT jobs in general.

3. Not Only Basic Skill: Leadership, Management, and More
You will learn basic skill of cyber security consultancy in the degree, but not only that. Additional managerial and leadership training are also the important benefits in getting the master’s degree in cybersecurity. Even though they may not put business skill in curriculum, undergraduate students are also demanded to have keen business knowledge. That is something the students should possess in order to advance in the field and reach the high-ranking leadership positions.
More skills at hands means more opportunities to grow the student’s career in the future. In other words, the degree offers student a big room of improvement. Secondary plan is necessary in life. Therefore, the varied skills you learn from cyber security degree will help you to not be stuck within the field forever if anything goes down.

4. Cyber Security Degrees as Unique Way to Change the World
Cyber security degree will teach you how to see problems in different ways and finding the out-of-the box solution. Some cyber security professionals may use creative methods in discover the vulnerability of the system they are aiming to protect, which is by attacking it. This is the way white-hat hackers use to know their black-hat counterparts’ destructive line of thinking. It is called “a virtual mousetrap” where there’s configuring fake computers in a phony to lure cyber criminals into revealing their identities, tactics and intentions.

5. Cyber Security Jobs are Meaningful
The most important things in life have a deep meaning, including a job. The meaningful one will add more flavour in living your life and the cyber security field provides you the chance. Not only in the common sense that fighting evil in the form of cyber crime is necessary, but to have a job in cyber security field can also mean you can defend your own country. Therefore, the fulfilment goes far to personal matter as well.
The cyber security defences are of course important to corporations in all industries. Hackers may steal million from them or even billion, then the impact will hit the economic situation of a country as a whole. However, the immediate connection with country’s defences is cyber crime can disrupt the future safety and security. The stakes are high and it will depend on the ability to fight high-tech warfare waged using excellent computer technology. One’s life will be more meaningful to have such an important job that helps the country to sustain itself.
Cyber security degree has important reasons to be considered worth your time and money. It will also help you to keep up better with the advancement of cyber security. More knowledge on the field will useful to understand how to find dynamic solution of fighting cybercrime, instead of static solution. There has been a dynamic security technology company that coined its invention “dynamic security”, which is Everspin.




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