BIG Services

Leaders across the industry rely on us to transform business.

E-Commerce Solutions

Our e-commerce software allows us to manage
the online section of our partners’ business to maximize brand awareness

Website Development

Advanced in web development using PHP, Microsoft Platform with Visual Studio dot net (C# .Net programming language)

Mobile Apps Development

Expert in mobile application development using Java technology with Android Studio.

Dynamic Cybersecurity

This system protects our partner’s business and
data from cyber-attacks. It has the capability to
detect and prevent fraudulent activities in the
business online site.

Comprehensive HRIS Solution

A cloud and on-premise mobile-based
one-stop solution showcases an integrated
suite of applications that supports all aspects of
the Human Resources functions that significantly minimises manual work and optimise administrative workflow.

Work Automation

Quickly and easily standardize your workflows and automate business processes to save time, save money, and improve the customer and employee experience.

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