Corona Virus test results delayed by Cyber Attacks in Czech Republic Hospital

Corona Virus test results delayed by Cyber Attacks in Czech Republic Hospital

University Hospital Brno’s (the second largest Czech Republic hospital) who responsible for running tests for new coronaviruses, said that cyber attacks have hacked its computer system. Showing several operations that must be postponed, unfortunately the details about the attack are not available.

This hospital is managed by the country’s health ministry, according to its website. The facility has been conducting regular tests for the novel coronavirus, Czech media reported. Throughout the Central European country, there have been 117 confirmed cases of novel coronavirus, but only about 2,300 tests conducted, according to the health ministry.

Lukasz Olejnik, former winner of the cyber war for the International Committee of the Red Cross, said that, in times of crisis, exclude individual elements from the health care system that can damage collective welfare.

“Cyber attacks in crises like the one we are facing now are far greater than what has happened,” said Olejnik, an independent cybersecurity security researcher and consultant. “If necessary, do health care that is done offline, reduce the needs that should be done faster than usual.”

Petr Špi?ík, a respondent who reports Prague-based cyber crime with PricewaterhouseCoopers, said that it was part of a broader pattern of cyber attacks on vulnerable sectors.

“The root cause of the level of success against our hospital sector [and the public sector in general] is an overall lack of funds in IT security infrastructure,” Špi?ík said. That means obsolete systems that are vulnerable to attackers. Both hackers are state-supported and have used the coronavirus pandemic for transitions that emit challenges and conversation around the crisis, licensing transitions from the World Health Organization and US cybersecurity authorities.

Although, it was not clear how, if at all the hack affect University Hospital Brno’s ability to test the CVID-19 virus, but it was nevertheless a reminder of how cyberattacks have the potential to exacerbate the global health crisis.


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