Mobile Advertising Platform

This product is a digital advertising solution that suited for your marketing goals. This app supports ad campaigns that reach video, browsers, or mobile phones  through mobile vehicles.

The vehicles used in this service consist of Ad Bus, Ad Taxi, and AdBox. Every advertiser is free to choose which route will be used as the target ad.  

Property and Service Management

a B2B and B2C platform that effectively managed your space rentals, both indoors and outdoors; and including your services such as barbershop, dentist, car services, and etc.

This solution is the best dealing for owners to strategically grow their rental and service business


Is an application intended to facilitate patients to get services from the hospital. Every patient can easily communicate with doctors, including making appointments, and getting queue numbers or booking inpatient rooms.

Smart Hospital

Smart Hospital is a solutions for hospital system efficiency that unites infrastructure, people, clinical processes, and administrative workflows using advanced technology such as IoT, AI, Machine Learning, RFID, etc.  Data generated by this system is collected and analyzed to improve patient care and safety, improve the quality of patient experienc and bring efficiency and effectiveness in hospital administration and operations.

E-Logistic Fulfillment Platform

Internet based technologies to traditional logistics processes or Web based applications and services dealing with the efficient transport, distribution, and storage of products along the supply and demand chain. 

Mobile Commerce

Dplus is a marketplace that sales drug and everything related to health shown to resellers. This apps will help