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Here are the products on our various projects

BIG ERP System

Enterprise Resource Planning Application is acomprehensif application for any industry that integrated all department that running for operational process.
Key Features and capabilities are: Finance & Accounting, Procurement, Supply Chain, Inventory, Sales Order and Warehouse

Retail Products Marketplace

This Solution are useful for company who want to create their own marketplace that consist of thousands SKU with many level variants. It include Inventory, Products, Order, Payment, Accounting Modul. This solution also integrated to Top-4 most-used marketplace in Indonesia.
This Solution can be work as B2C, B2B or both that can address your business more spread to customers. It has 2 platform applications; Web and Mobile

Digital Transportation Management

This solution is useful for a company who wants to manage their vehicle asset for scheduling and order process.
They can receive order from customers, tracking order and manage driver status. It can applied to distribution business, transportation business, logistics business or even private company.

Digital Vaccine Warehouse and Supply Chain (DVMS)

DVMS offers effective storage, handling, and stock management of vaccines. The quality of vaccines is preserved through temperature control in cold chain storage and maintenance of adequate logistics management systems.

This Project run to support BIOFARMA and Kementrian Kesehatan to deliver Vaccine as a Government project for COV-19 Vaccination Program during cover Pandemic.

1st phase run on April 2021 – July 2021 (National Area)
2nd phase run on Oct 2021 – Now (National Area)

Nintex Workflow Automation

When you automate workflows and streamline business processes, you can empower IT to work smarter, not harder. Then they’re free to innovate for your future and enable ongoing success for your lines of business (LoB). We’ll show you how in our exclusive free guide.
You’ll discover how process mapping and workflow automation combine for a business solution that can handle even complex tasks, dramatically cut down workloads for IT staff, and empower employees across your organization. Read our guide today and find out what it means to own the workloads, not the work.

Nintex Robotic Process Automation

Using Nintex RPA, enterprises can leverage trained bots to quickly and cost-effectively automate routine tasks without the use of code in an easy-to-use drag and drop interface. Users are now equipped with a comprehensive, enterprise-grade process management and automation solution that streamlines processes fuelled by both structured and unstructured data sources.


A cloud and mobile-based one-stop solution showcases an integrated suite of applications that supports all aspects of the Human Resources functions that significantly minimises manual work and optimise administrative workflow.

Each application is interrelated and can be flexibly customised to cater to individual company needs and business practices. Together, the applications are powerfully integrated as a BIPO HRMS family suite. Our applications include modules:
Personnel, Payroll, Leave Management, Attendance, Claim, Training, Recruitment, Administration, Procurement, Finance and Appraisal

Hospital Management Information system

Hospital information system that will give a better experience not only to the patient but also to the doctor, nurse and hospital staff.


This Solution support medical consultation process that can be automated even remotely, allowing hospitals to save on existing resources.

Laboratory Information System

One System for All Medical Device.

Laboratory facilities include various medical devices, from various brands, for various needs. Processed information needs to be summarized in an integrated system.

Digitized lab results will make it easier for a team of analysts and pathologists to distribute data across multiple channels.

Employee Activity Tracking System (EATS)

This Solution support employee self service and assessment process to provide solutions while supporting HR needs.

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